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located in the center of gracia, wild lulita is the perfect eco-friendly bakery. as someone who always tries to eat sustainably finding quality options can sometimes be a challenge. even if a city like barcelona where there is an abundance of vegan cafes, nothing I have found so far compares to lulita’s. the quality of the ingredients, the presentation, the ambiance and the personal touches all come together to make the bakery the special place that it is.

when you enter the shop you are showered in warm light. the counter is layed out with pasties, all of them vegan and gluten-free. towers of dark chocolate caramel bars, slices of nut-based strawberry cheesecake and collections orange and raspberry truffles. it’s hard to stop in and not order one of everything.

christmas seemed the perfect time for a collaboration. the shop is lovely all year long but it has been especially done up for the holidays and their almond cacao hot chocolate and snowflake iced ginger cookies were the perfect way to greet the season.

best vegan bakery in barcelona



organic and sustainably sourced




support a more sustainable lifestyle 


I met lucy a few months ago when I stumbled upon the bakery. it was during my first days in barcelona and lucy had just opened. she gifted me a slice of caramel dark chocolate and since then her generosity has never waivered. the bakery is just beginning and is sure to grow into much more of its potential. for now you can stop in more an ever changing menu of gourmet homemade sweets. they support local artists, selling beautiful pastel pottery, art prints and fresh fruits and vegetables. they also appear at many local events and farmer’s markets around barcelona, so if you see the name at a market stall be sure to stop by and sample their goods. if you’re passing through barcelona the shop is well worth a visit. the warm interior lends itself wonderfully for photos, as do the impeccably plated pastries, and you’re sure to try something you’ve never tried before.


hope you guys enjoyed the photo series and tag me on instagram if you check them out, I’d love to see your photos.

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