Wide Awake, It’s Morning

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words and visuals from my last may days in barcelona. 



the sun came up with no conclusions.

I tried to talk but the words got in the way

I’m not sure what Im trying to say,

maybe it’s something about this place



the other day I woke up in a dream

collected things I will not keep

wildflowers and borrowed books of poetry

teabag sunrise vanilla honey steeps

what language do you think in?

in what moments do you feel most alive?

can you live with no conclusions?

can you be you

and not you

all at the same time



and this is what I come back to

In the early morning light

words too many, lives too few

almost out of sight

I’m trying to remember

what it’s like to close my eyes

to be a part of a part of moving

all golden and alive


the sun came up with no conclusions


“I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” is an album that has been a cornerstone to my source of inspiration, as has the music and words of Conor Oberst in all it’s many forms. The album goes through a wash of poetry and feeling and ends with the first line of the last track that has sunk into my life. the sun came up with no conclusions.


Shot in Barcelona by @mateatme

Wearing Fable Vintage & Céu


Watch the full video on Instagram.


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