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Why Thrift Shopping Is Good For the Environment

Why Thrifting Is Good For The Planet

Reasons to Thrift

There are a million reasons to go thrifting but we’re going to focus on the two big ones. It’s way cheaper, and it’s also why more sustainable.

So often when it comes to sustainability we end up talking about all the things we are going wrong, and it’s like this big heavy weight of an over industrialized industry that feels like way too much to change on an individual level, oh and yes to look for alternatives to fast fashion can be a lot more expensive.

Thrifting on the other hand is a simple solution that will not only same you money but reduce waste and protect our environment.

Green Thrifting

There really aren’t any reasons thrifting is not green. You’re just picking up pieces that would otherwise end up in landfills oh and you’re not contributing to the fast fashion industry to boot.

Why I Should Go Thrifting

Oh so many reasons, but definitively check out my thrifted lookbook for a few ideas. Leave a comment if you like the video and please subscribe to my channel, my youtube endeavor is like a baby plant that needs lots of love, support and consistent attention.


Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Resale Fashion

I wanted to mention a few brands here as I do talk about them in my vlog on thrifting (and I promised I’d link them in the blog post).

I’m from Sedona, Arizona so when I’m back home in the US I end up doing most of my thrifting at the local goodwill. Great finds I will see, check out the video if you want proof. Sedona occasionally has some treasures but like most thrift shopping you sort of have to dig for them. This especially applies to larger thrift stores, look out for Savers or the Goodwill weight and pay, basically where they send every thing that doesn’t sell at the smaller stores and you can literally buy it by the pound.

A lot of digging but I will say I’ve found a perfect Levis jacket there, as well as an assortment of interesting pieces.


vintage outfit ideas


The other brand I wanted to mention is Arizona Vintage 

A Spanish vintage store that I coincidentally discovered in Barcelona but they have some cool sets and if anything I always love looking at curated vintage labels to get ideas when I go thrifting.


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Here’s a whole Pinterest board about vintage style (if we haven’t connected on Pinterest we seriously should be). It’s basically where I get all my ideas, and share my blog posts so definitely check it out.


Is Thrifting Ethical



is thrifting ethical

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