what it means to be bohemian


What do bohemians believe in?


Or as Suzuki says ‘believe in nothing’

But I believe in nothing,

this nothing that is also something.

The space between things.

The space the ideas come from, the tension between things, the sensing sort of seeing that felts you feel what is true.



‘suppose the apprehension of beauty is it self away to truth?’

Rollo May


What does it mean to be Bohemian?

Nowdays we see the word bohemian everywhere. We use it to talk about long flowy dresses and hipster cafes but if we really want to understand bohemianism we must trace their orgins.

The word finds it’s origins in the Czech Republic where there was once a tribe of nomadic people called the bohemians, but that’s another story.


Bohemianism has been hijacked by modern culture, converted into a new static stereotype, when the bohemians were entirely the contrary. Bohemianism is so much more than an aesthetic style of dress. It is way of being. An openness and appreciation for the mystery of everyday existence.


Bohemianism Values


To be bohemian to to live creatively, to find this balance between expression and reflection.

Taking time to discover inspiration and apply it to what you are learning. The beauty is that this process is unique to each individual, but it’s about slowing down.


Being Bohemian

What does it mean to be bohemian? Not as a superficial style but as a viewpoint, as a way of life. To live creativity. To live spontaneously and unexpectedly and to have a creative interaction with the world around you. To participate in this strange and shifting world of collective ideas, and contribute something to the stream.


being bohemian


what bohemian means


Is Bohemian a religion

Not in the dogmatic sense, rather it is philosophy of life.



How to I dress more bohemian

Dress however you like.



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Is bohemian the same as hippie?

The bohemians have much in common with the 1960’s hippies. Communities of creative outsiders questioning the social norms.

If anything I think the bohemians have a lot in common with the Beat Generation; a literary movement in the 1950s, composed of a rejection of narrative cultural values and centered around poets like Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.

Neither the Beat Generation nor the bohemians were 1960’s hippies, but their freedom of creativity ties them together.



the beat genration

Ginsberg, Kerouac and the beat generation





It is about balance. About making this but also taking time to celebrate existence. To go out to a cafe, to have long conversations with close friends and drink wine by the sea. All of this seems to be essenial to a bohemian life.




Something as simple as going to the sea. Letting go the stream of modern day necessities and connecting to the world around you. In the end to be bohemian has very little to do with how to dress or what type of music you listen to. It has a lot more to do with how you live, and this lightness of being, this sense of discovery is what it truly means to be bohemian.




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