sustainable products

Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products

There are so many products out there to reduce your environmental impact. Most of them aren’t overpriced or difficult to integrate into your life you mostly just have to learn a little about them and make the transition to living a little more sustainably.

This post goes over sustainable products for your home, as there are so many amazing alternatives out there and lots of simple ways to make your life at home more sustainable. I also wanted to cover a bit more of sustainability, products on go and generally great additions to your life.

Making the transition

Making the transition to more sustainable products actually isn’t complicated or over-expensive it’s mostly just about a fresh mindset and and an openness to form new habits. From the innovative new products out there to the simple ways we are going back to doing things how people did a few generations ago this post outlines lots of simple changes and products to make your life more sustainable.

Sustainable Product List

For starters I wanted to share a list of some of the best sustainable products to add to your life. The list could go on and but these are all easy items to start with.

  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Dry shampoo
  • Reusable Bin Bag
  • Cloth kitchen towels
  • Compostable bin bags
  • Veggie bags
  • Reusable coffee mug
  • Zero Waste Lunch Box
  • Beeswax Wrap


Sustainable Products at Home

Making your home more sustainable is one of the best ways we can reduce our environmental impact and there are so many small shifts we can make to a more eco-friendly home.

Sustainable Self Care Products

Self care products often come in these tiny little bottles and as soon as you’re done with them you have to throw them away. Sustainable self care products illuminate as much packaging as possible, use non-toxic ingredients and are refillable or recyclable. Bamboo tooth brushes are a great alternative to plastic. Sustainable tooth pastes or tooth powders come in glass bottles rather than plastic and last a lot longer.

Sustainable Kitchen Products

There are lots of ways to make your kitchen more eco friendly. Using cloths instead of napkins is a great transition, and using alternatives to throw away kitchen products like plastic wrap and tin foil is a great place to start. Try storing your left-overs in glass jars, there are lots of brands that offer glass food storage containers and if you want to cut back your costs just start collecting your glass jars when you finish products, they make for perfect food and liquid storage and don’t cost you anything. There are a lot of organic and biodegratable food wraps to switch to.


Also just a small note from someone studying interior design, isn’t a plastic-free kitchen calmer on the eyes, and generally more aesthetic? 


Starting a home compost is another great switch. There are lots of small compost bins that you can easily keep in your kitchen. I got mine from Seed and Sprout.

Sustainable Cleaning Products

Same is in your kitchen one of the easiest ways to make your cleaning routine more sustainable is to switch to reusable cleaning cloths. There’s seriously no need to be throwing away paper towels every time you clean. There are lots of reusable cleaning cloths you can order online or you can do it the old fashioned way. As my mother taught me, just cut up your old or stained clothes and turn them into cleaning rags. Microfiber rags are another reusable alternative, just make sure to clean them in a wash bag like this one from Patagonia to prevent any microfiber from entering our waterways. Reusable trash bags lay sound a little bit crazy but it’s an great way to go more sustainable and not complicated at all. Planet Wise  offers reusable bin liners, ideal for any small household bins in bathrooms or bedrooms. You can easily empty the bag into your biggest trash bag when you take out the trash and the bags are washable, waterproof and reusable.

Companies with Sustainable Products

Seed and Sprout  is one of my favorite sustainable product companies. They offer a wide range of products, all of them designed with the goal of reducing our environmental impact and going a little more zero waste. Their mission is to make sustainable living a little easier for the everyday person. Offering quality products to make living more sustainably easier for everyone. There are a lot of sustainable product brands on the market but Seed and Sprout is one of my favorites. Their designs are beautiful as well.

Oh and they believe in giving back. Every package you order comes with a compostable seed card that can be planted in your apartment and at the same time they will plant a tree in an area of need. This mentality of giving back is one of the best ways to fight deforestation and it’s just a positive message in general. Check out their website for a map of their reforestation project.

Cafe Contetto

Offers eco coffee tumblers. The tumblers are small and perfect to keep on hand when you’re out, and the design brushed metal design is beautifully minimal.


Sustainable Living Products

I lot of sustainable living products have to do with forming new habits. Always bring a bag with you places, reusable water bottles and home packed lunch. It takes a little bit to remember these things but once you’re in the habit it’s not too difficult and it will make your life a lot more sustainable without very much effort, oh and you’e going to actually save money as well.  It’s mostly just about getting in the habit of always having these products on you when you go out.



Where to Buy Sustainable Products

There are a lot of great online shops for sustainable shopping, check out our community page @select.sustainably for more recommendations.

Etsy is another great resource as they offer an abundance of beautiful hand-made goods. And again whenever you can buy locally. It’s wonderful if you can support small business owners with their creative projects, and there’s a lot to be said for the human connection and quality of products when you buy from local shops.

Zero waste stores have been my favorite discovery this year. They are basically plastic free shops where you can buy everything you will need to make your home more sustainable.

Sustainable Products 2020

The movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle is gaining traction all the time and there are some many new innovative products available.

Swedish Dishcloths 

Invented in 1949 by a Swedish inventor these aren’t exactly a new product idea, but it’s innovative to the general public and certainly wasn’t something that I’d heard of before. A biodegradable combination of wood pulp and cotton they’re perfect for cleaning and easy to throw in the washing machine.

Apps for Sustainable Products

I wanted to include some of the best apps for living a little more sustainably.


Designed to combat food waste by connecting locals, neirghbors and business so that less food gets thrown away.


I great app for searching for sustainable products. They provide brand listings that cover the social and environmental impact of a huge range of products.


A similar concept, focused on sustainable fashion. The app ranks brands based on environmental impact, animal product usage, and ethics.

To Conclude

I hope you guys found the guide useful and please leave a comment if you can think of anything to add, or have any thoughts on posts you would like to see next.

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