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Six Aesthetic Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable Clothing Brands

Like most topics within the spectrum of sustainability choosing sustainable fashion is only difficult when it feels like a compromise. It can be hard to make the shift when everything that isn’t sustainable is so much more attainable. Meaning cheaper and in higher quantity- and it doesn’t feel great to have to give up the brands you know you like. The upside is it’s seriously just a change of perspective. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, (clothing exchanges and thrift shopping are really the way to go). And when you do what to buy something new there are more and more labels to choose from who make thing with an ethical standard and a focus on sustainability.

Brands who are redefining the aesthetics of sustainable fashion.

Eco Friendly Clothing Brands

Faithful the Brand 

One of my favorite sustainable labels Faithful maintains a dreamy aesthetic that’s hard to even talk about. Everything they share feels completely natural but it maintains this quality of being out of a fairytale. They take you into a world you want to believe in and have created a beautiful story. They take you back to cobbled streets sun soaked countryside and Mediterranean summers.Something about the magic of everyday existence.



Everlane Sustainable Clothing


Quality fabrics, ethical production and brand transparency are central to Everlane’s ethos. A leader in the sustainable fashion movement Everlane is redefining the way the world sees sustainable clothing. They are taking sustainability from the alternative into the mainstream which can have an immense impact on the industry as a whole. Neutral tones, natural fabrics and stable pieces that you can wear over and over again.

Sustainable Clothing Brands US



Reformation Sustainable Fashion


Reformation is a redefinition of aesthetics when it comes to sustainable fashion. They offer beautiful feminine pieces and are committed to making sustainable fashion the new norm. Their Instagram feed is a blend of dreamy Parisian dresses and a feeling of eternal summer balanced out with natural shots and a sense of honesty that enters into everything they do.

Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands 


Favorite Sustainable Clothing Brands

The Hemp Temple

More than a clothing label the Help Temple is has a vision. We are collectively going in a very dangerous direction and it is necessary that we make a change. This can be desperately depressing, but it can also be exciting, it can be an opportunity to be a part of the change. To quote them directly, our consumer choices are the greatest stand we can make as guardians of the earth. And to point to the way out.

Sustainable Clothing Brands California 




Natural Sustainable Clothing Brands

First Rite

Timeless forms and natural fibers, designed in California and produced in California and Peru. Offering ongoing collections of timeless sets and seasonal collections. They are transparent about production and their production in Lima Peru even gives well paying work to local women and supports local communities. Inspiring methods and a vision for a beautiful world.

Eco Friendly Clothing Materials 



Aesthetic Sustainable Clothing Brand


Transparent policies and production, fair trade, livable wages and humane working conditions. Equality, transparency and a vision for a more sustainable future. Low waste design processes and low impact materials. LACA looks at the world as a whole and this idea of global citezenship is central to their philosophy. It means that they give back equally in every way they can. From supporting the local community in their home in Los Angeles to the their employees over seas they are constantly striving to make a difference. Supporting an array of social projects, from food banks to women’s shelters and global enviromental projects they are forever seeking a new cause. As far as the clothing goes it’s beautiful, comfortable, minimal and modern and if you need any more reassurance be sure to check out their instagram feed.

Sustainable Clothing Brand Instagram 



Sustainable Clothing

So often when we think of our values they apply to our direct actions, what we say to the people around us, how we act on a day to day basis. But our values and their impact include the choices we don’t see and every choice we make as a consumer has subtle and reverberating impact. Living with a conscious for our impact, living sustainability, and choosing sustainable clothing are the choices that are creating our future reality.


Faithful the Brand


Sustainable Clothing Brands

There are more and more sustainable clothing brands out there, all of them with varying levels of ethics and transparency. But giving up fast fashion and choosing to support more conscious labels has an impact that goes far beyond one piece of clothing. To quote The Hemp Temple


Fate, is as much in our hands as it is in our pockets.


This sense of responsibility is what will change our world.

It is a fluid motion like a wave, it cannot happen completely on it’s own, but every individual has the power to make a difference and these collective choices are what will sway our world.


The Hemp Temple


Sustainable Clothing Women’s

Women’s clothing consists of the majority of the fashion industry and I wanted to focus this post on Women’s clothing brands. Although these brands offer more than just women’s clothing you also provide th more sustainable women’s clothing that the larger fashion industry lacks.



The Hemp Temple 


Sustainable Vegan Clothing

Vegan clothing is 100 percent free of animal products and although it’s not quite the same as sustainable clothing the two go hand in hand. When a brand in producing their clothing sustainability they are using materials and processes that aren’t damaging to our environment and as the animal industry is one of the biggest contributors to global pollution choosing vegan clothing is a natural solution to a more ethical and sustainable future. Most of the brands mentioned in this post offer vegan clothing, natural fibers and cruelty-free production. The few that do use animal products, like First Rite’s wool sweaters, do so with a conscious. As in the case of First Rite the wool is produced n Peru where they are supporting local communities and more traditional methods of production, which secondly are more sustainable.


First Rite 


Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers USA

The US has been the birthplace to some amazing ethical brands including Everlane, LACA and First Rite who are both featured in this post. Although there are more and more sustainable brands on an international level it is always better to buy locally when you can so if you are in the US learning which brands you can buy in your area is a great way to illuminate transportation immersions. Check out my collaboration with The Basal Shop   for another inspiring California based brand.



Sustainable Clothing Online

There are a lot of negative things that can be said of the internet but one of the most positive is how we are all globally connected. That I can even write this and connect with other creators all over the world as all due to this phenomena of everything being online. And although sometimes what I most need to do is get offline I see the digital world as an incredibly powerful tool. To conclude, sustainability grows out of individual choices and the fact that you can order any of these sustainable brands online makes them that much more accessible on a global level.


Faithful the Brand


Sustainable Clothing Community

To conclude, I hope you found the post insightful, or maybe the save inspiration that I found in the featured brands. Don’t forget to save the post to Pinterest for future reference and send me a message on Instagram if you have any thoughts @savannahh.angela.


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