sustainable clothing tel aviv

Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable Clothing

A collaboration with Kesh Limited 

Shot by Roie Kashi






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Shots from this dreamy January morning in Tel Avi where I had the chance to collaborate on a project with Kesh Limited

A  small-scale Israeli clothing brand based committed to ethical production and sustainable fashion.


Sustainable Clothing Brands

Although the fashion industry is a great contributor to our current environmental problems there are a lot clothing brands that are electing a different route. Small scale labels that hold to their ethics, accounting for the materials used, the distribution and the humans and sometimes animals involved in their production process. The other positive factor is this is a movement that is happening all other the world. We are living in a digital age and in such are more connected than ever. It seems to me that one of the most positive things we can use social media to do is to create community between creative individuals and elect the brands we want to support.

Women’s Sustainable Clothing

As mentioned there are more and more great choices when it comes to Women’s clothing that is sustainably sourced. It can be discouraging to shop in a general market face the reality that most of these clothes are not produced in a way that is sustainable. On the other hand there are more and more alternatives all the time if one only knows where to look. I will say that I buy ninety percent of my clothes second hand (it’s so much more affordable, and you generally end up with pieces that are more unique and last longer than anything you would get from a large company in our current fast fashion market. There are also an abundance of ethical clothing brands available now and if you check out our community page on Instagram @select.sustainably I recommend lots.

Small Scale Production Clothing Brand

Producing clothes on a smaller level is one of the biggest shifts towards a more sustainable future for fashion. Large scale production leads to extensive transportation and wasted resources and energy. Reversely when clothing can be produced in smaller batches it takes less energy to produce. The other factor to account for is that small scale clothing brands also have a higher level of ethics when it comes to the treatment of their employees. The clothes may cost a little more but that money isn’t being wasted on transportation it’s going to directly to the individuals involved in the production and their working environment is going to be a lot more humane than the warehouses and factories that are often home to fast fashion clothing production.

Israeli Sustainable Clothing Brand

This post is inspired by Kesh Limited , an Israeli founded clothing brand based out of Tel Aviv. Along with sharing a little more about Kesh I wanted to give you guys a few sustainable clothing brand recommendations from Tel Aviv. If you’re living in Israel this is especially relevant because as I mentioned earlier shopping locally and supporting small-scale brands is one of the most relevant shifts we can make to the fashion industry. f you’re visiting Tel Aviv I hope you get a chance to check some of the labels out. I always find it lovey to go into a clothing shop in person, especially when traveling in a city as creative as Tel Aviv.

Once Upon A Time is one of the oldest vintage stores in Tel Aviv, 18 years specifically. These offer a collection of international treasures ranging from 40s fashion to vintage Armani. All of it recovered rather than unethically made.

Obsessia is a second hand store a few streets from the sea. Unique pieces with a blend of Japanese and 70s aesthetics. The owner can even hand tailor a purchase to make sure it fits right.

Flashback is a vintage clothing store in the center of Tel Aviv with a very rock and roll aesthetic and lots of interesting retro pieces.

Ethical Clothing Tel Aviv

I spent all of four days in Tel Aviv this January but I found the city an inspiration on so many levels. It is one of those places that is on the for-front of global change, mostly due to the melting pot of individuals who’s creative endeavors are shaping a more sustainable future.

Kesh Limited  was founded in 2018 by Keshet Shapiro an Israeli South African with a love of adventure and ethical living. Fabrics are carefully selected across Asian and produced in small scale batches out of Bali. They also bring it a lot of collaboration with local Tel Aviv artists, working with photographers and musicians to capture the cities aesthetic and promote a more sustainable future.


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    I was getting tired of buying clothes every year in fast fashion. From now I will definately check out second hand instead. Also, shops on the list if I am there for some reason.

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