Books on Spirituality

For me spirituality is about connecting to something outside of my small sense of self. Something that reminds me of the natural balance in the universe, and most importantly, how to apply this balance to my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.


Books have always been a beautiful part of my life and a huge aspect of how I grow as a person. A dear friend once told me that reading is important because it gives you a world to reflect on outside of your own. I like this perspective a lot, and it caught me at the perfect moment as that was the summer that I rediscovered the experience of being emmerced in a novel. But today I’m going to talk about spiritual books; for what novels do through a story these books do directly to your life. They give you a shift of perspective, a toolset if you will, to better understand yourself and the world around you.




Books on Spirituality and Consciousness


The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz

The first book I read about spirituality and to this day it is one of my favorites. My dad gifted me this book when I turned 15 and it seemed the perfect time to read it. Since then it is a book that I come back to time and time again and the lessons are as timeless at the agreements themselves.

For a little bit of context Don Miguel is a spiritual teacher who brought the Toltec traditions of ancient Mexico to the modern world. The Four Agreements is one of his most famous books and it a beautiful composition of livable spirituality. Clear and concise the agreements are simple and yet profound. It is a short book and one that will definitely change how you live your life.


Books on Spiritual Enlightenment


The Power of Now

Eckart Tolle

Another rather famous author, but one who definitely deserves to be on this list, Eckart Tolle has changed the way so many people see the world and The Power of Now is an incredible book to open up your perspective. What Tolle comes back to again and again is the simple act of living in the present moment. It’s so simple that to try to explain it is to be left repeating spiritual teachers across the centuries, with the monotony of a prerecorded announcement. But if you’ve felt it, you start to know what I’m talking about, and to feel this sort of presence is a lot more powerful that an abstract philosophy. It’s living in a downright different dimension.

The Power of Now is akin to a roadmap. It points the way to a place that you already inhabit. It shows you what illusions have kept you from getting there; and it brings you back to this profound sense of being.

Psychology Spirituality Books


Letting Go

David R Hawkins 

A book I come back to again and again; Letting Go is one of the most practical takes on spiritual living that I have found yet. Sir David R Hwakins is a psychiatrist, physician, researcher and spiritual teacher. So his book is written from this unique perspective. He is not coming from a place of ideology or one particular religion and I think this makes it a lot easier to grasp the concept and understand his insights into the world of spiritual awareness.

Letting Go is a framework. Based on Hawkins own findings it maps out the levels of consciousness and their corresponding emotions. Basically, Hawkins poses the position that our main obstacle to spiritual growth is repressed thought patterns that show up as negative feelings in our bodies. No feeling is truly bad, they come and go like motion on a shoreline. The only time there is really a problem is when we are uncomfortable with the feeling, we tend to feel that whatever we are feeling needs some sort of justification and then we repress the feeling and pretend that it isn’t there. The problem is that the feeling continues to live on in our bodies, vibrating in our cells and creating all kinds of psychological blockages that are then projected onto our external life. Simply, Letting Go is a guide to understanding and releasing these emotions.


Books On Spiritual Connection


Journey of Souls

Michael Newton

One of my favorite books of all time Journey of Souls is a collection of interviews between an American psychiatrist over thirty years of research. Newton works with patients in deep hypnosis, allowing him to access a subconscious part of the mind. The book itself is a collection of interviews as Newton asks his patients about the time before and after human life. Although Newton also works with past life regression to help his patients through their current life situations; Journey of Souls is focused on the world between lives. The crazy part, that all the answers match up. The book is not biased, it’s not even Newton’s perspective. It’s a compilation of questions and the answers given by his patients in a state of deep hypnosis.

Spirituality is something unique and personal to every individual. I don’t believe there is one answet, in fact I think this wide array of perspectives and possibilities is all a part of the wonder of it all. But I when I read Journey of Souls it seemed to remind me of something I always felt to be true; in some ways it felt like coming home.

On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

Alan Watts 

One the list of impactful people that I have never met Alan Watts is one of the closest in my mind. His insights and philosophy have shaped my world view and continue to inspire my own perspective. Although he has a plethora of lectures available and an eloquent way of expressing things I couldn’t make a list of spiritual books without him being on it.

One of his most famous books On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are poses the perspective that you are not only a separate individual but a part of a greater whole. This is the core of much of Eastern philosophy and Watts uses Chinese taoism, ancient Hindu philosophy and Zen Buddhism as different angles to the same universal truth.


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