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Six Sustainable Makeup Labels to Try Right Now

Sustainable Makeup

it’s not always easy to choose sustainable makeup labels and if you don’t know what to look for even the thought of buying eco-aware, ethical makeup can be mildly overwhelming. these clean brands are tried and tested makeup lines that maintain the highest level of quality to their products and practices; low waste, vegan and cruelty free.

a quick list of some of the best sustainable makeup lines on the market.all products used in photo series and inspired by Paula Fay.

Sustainable Makeup Brands

A few of the best clean makeup brands on the market. Ethical and cruelty-free.

Sustainable Makeup and Skincare

Pestle and Mortar

sustainably prepared cleansers, toners, sprays and mists. ph balancing and natural active ingredients. they also offer specialized gift sets and travel sets and the packaging is impeccable. 

Vegan Makeup

Aether Beauty

small scale vegan beauty brand. they offer beautiful collection of eyeshadow palettes. ingredients are organic and naturally based rather than the chemicals that so frequently find their way into beauty products. you can order online and the packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainable Makeup Brand in the US

Wall3 People

chemical and toxin-free beauty brand. hand crafted in small batches and produced in the USA. they offer an extensive range of beauty and makeup products. you can even order inexpensive samples to test the products before purchase and mini sizes products that are perfect for travel.

Sustainable Makeup Brand Australia

Inika Organics 

full makeup line, skin, eyes, brows and lips; as well as cleansers, moisturisors and treatments. their makeup is light and weightless on your skin, made with natural antioxidants. vegan, organic and cruelty-free. clean ingridients lists with no mineral oils or synthetic substances.

Sustainable Makeup Brand Online

Elate Cosmetics

a leader in clean beauty their products with a base of core sustainable values. their products are made with cruelty-free ingredients, ethical marketing and sustainable practices, their lipsticks, foundations, primers and mascaras

they offer a beautiful line of face products, foundations, concealers and blushes; as well as a lip line, balm, gloss and lipstick. everything is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and free from harsh synthetic chemicals. I also love their capsule concept where you can customize a capsule makeup bag to meet your individual needs. it’s minimalistic, and your sure to come out with an everyday makeup collection that you love. they employ ethical marketing strategies and are a leader in the sustainable makeup industry. more than just a label elate has a beautiful philosophy.

choosing more sustainably sourced makeup is a small choice but seeing labels who are creating products more ethically is inspiring and a change that I want to be a part of.

Sustainable Beauty Brand

Ilia Beauty

ilia looks at skincare and makeup with a wholistic approach. rather than using makeup to cover up, their formulas are designed to preserve a natural look and care for your skin with the highest quality ingredients. they strive for sustainability in all aspects of their brand, from clean ingredient lists to innovative packaging, composed of glass, aluminum and responsibly sourced paper.


I hope you guys find the list helpful and if you’re looking for any more recommendations check out my post on choosing sustainable beauty brands. either way these are all amazing ethical labels to get you started.

the photo series is from my jauary trip to tel aviv. it was an inspiring collaboration and showcases most of the brands mentioned above.

I went to tel aviv with entirely no plan and was lucky enough to collaborate with Roie Kashi and Paula Fay on this photo series. Paula is a tel aviv based makeup artist who works entirely with vegan-cruelty-free makeup lines. every product she uses meets these ethical standards. I’ll include a list of specific products used in the collaboration at the bottom of the post.

paula is a freelance makeup artist from ireland with over 10 years experience working in the makeup industry. as a clean beauty makeup artist, she only uses products that are beneficial to the skin and do not contain anything that might irritate, sensitize or cause an allergic reaction . currently based in tel aviv her instagram is a beautiful series of photoshoots, she also always tags the brands she’s using so her instagram is a great source of inspiration. @paulafaymakeup



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specific products used in collaboration:

pestle and mortar  cleansing balm, illuminating gel cleanser, spritz mist, hylauronic acid for hydration and a moisturizer base.

charlotte tilbury flawless foundation, pillowtalk lipliner and bareminerals nude lipstick.

nabla cosmetics concealer

hourglass cosmetics setting powder

ilia beauty blush, lip and cheek tint and mascara

tartlette in bloom eyeshadow palette by sephora

glossier brow boy eyebrows

dr paw lip balm

kora organics rose quartz luminizer highlight

bareminerals nude lipstick

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