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September | Photo Journal for Organic Basics

We took a train out the city and spent the afternoon with the rocks and the salt and the sand. Looked for seashells and natural treasures, listened to the ocean and connected back to the natural world.  Shot by Maté in collaboration with Organic Basics 












Organic Basics

Organic Basics Sustainability

Ethical Fashion Organic Basics 

Sustainable fabrics, ethical factories and an inclusive image that is making sustainability the new norm. What I love most about Organic Basics is their simplicity. Their minimal designs will stand the test of time and there is something for each individual. Simple designs that will make you feel comfortable, light, breathable and fitted to your unique form.

Organic Basics Review

Organic Basics Influencer 

Organic Basics is a label that I have followed for a while now; one of the leaders in the ethical fashion industry I loved having the opportunity to collaborate on a project for them. The content creatures the Triangle Bra and Hipster Briefs. The pieces are comfortable and well fitted. Organic Basics uses quality fabrics and their pieces are reasonably priced.

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Organic Basics Sale

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Hope you guys enjoyed the journal and if you’re looking for more ethical brands I’ve written a post on  five of my favorite Ethical Underwear Brands.

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