vintage sustainable fashion

Reasons To Buy Vintage

Vintage Sustainable Fashion

When it comes to sustainable fashion choices one of the simplest solutions is simply to shop vintage. This may be a bit blatant but with so many fast fashion labels completing for attention we sometimes forever the simple truth, to look for the fashion that already exists. am pm is an online vintage store that you can find on Instagram. They offer a curated collection of vintage clothing that changes as the store collects and sells each item. The policy is simple. Watch their stories to see their current items, and send them a message if you’re interested in something. They will get back to you with details and you can make the order online, simple as that.

Environmental Impact of Vintage Clothing

Now this is not to say that vintage shopping is the solution to the problem of fast fashion. There’s a whole industry of vintage clothing that has taken rise in the last few years and it’s important to note that there is a lot of energy put into the gathering, transportation and resale of these items. The best we can do is to support the makers of the world, but it buy your entire closet from ethical brands is expensive and vintage clothing provides an alternative, not altogether a solution, but by mixing vintage shopping with ethical fashion we can boycott the fast fashion industry all together.

Anyhow this isn’t a gloomy post, these are just a few positive thoughts to inspire a more sustainable lifestyle.

Vintage Sustainable Clothing

Like am pm there are many online vintage fashion stores appearing on Instagram and they make an interesting alternative to fast fashion. Now you don’t necessarily need an online shop to shop vintage but the curation does help. Shopping vintage isn’t the same as going into a nicely set up shop. It takes going to dusty disorganized thrift stores and digging for treasures amongst the plethora of thrown out clothes. If you have the stamina and enthusiasm this can make for a well spent afternoon, but it is most definitely an outing. The difference when it comes to online vintage is that the outing part is done for you. The shop provides a curated collection of clothes and you’re bound to find something you love.

Sustainable Fashion Photography

People need to feel inspired to live more sustainably. The the truth is that a lot of the time we lack the inspiration and resources to make a positive change.

On the other hand photography has the power to present an alternative. A more sustainable way of life that is not only desirable but actively attainable.


Shopping vintage is one of the easiest ways to boycott the fast fashion industry and sometimes all it takes is an image to inspire someone to make a change.


vintage sustainable clothing



Why Shop Vintage

There are two important ways that vintage fashion is more sustainable. Firstly there is no energy wasted on producing the clothing, and secondly, no resources are wasted on throwing the clothes away.

Modern culture is far too accustomed to throwing away things we no longer want and when we talk about sustainability it is important to not only think about where a product comes from, but also where it will end up when it is thrown away. The tragic truth is that more often than not unwanted clothing ends up in landfills. At least that’s what I thought before I started writing this post and then I started doing some more research.. And stumbled upon an Open Culture’s article about Western clothing that ends up in India. Every year thousands of tons of clothes are shipped from the West to India, where they are dismantled and remade into clothing that goes back to the West in the form of the next fast fashion. The most incredible part of this cycle is that we don’t really know it’s happening.


There is this strange disassociating between the final product and all the people who were involved in it’s creation.


Choosing slow fashion or smaller vintage shops takes you back to the source. Clothes made by people who are fairly treated, or clothes that already exist.


Vintage Aesthetics

Vintage fashion is gaining considerable traction as an aesthetic movement and when I first noticed the trend I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. Have people always liked vintage clothes or was it something about today’s generation that has turned ‘vintage’ into more of an obsession? The first conclusion I came to are that trends fluctuate over time. Styles will go in and out of fashion over the decades and things that were once ‘vintage’ will come back again and again. The other thing I noticed is that vintage is less about trends and more about aesthetics. It’s not about what colors are in season or who’s wearing what on Instagram. It’s more about the lines of a piece of clothing, the colors, the textures the form on a figure.

Wearing Vintage Clothing

I hope this post inspired you to consider vintage fashion. Check out my collaboration with am pm online vintage if you’re looking for an ethical small scale vintage label. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts and save the post to Pinterest for future reference and a little visual inspiration.

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