Pomegranates & Moonlight Postcard Series




Set of six postcards. 

Fine art prints on 250 g watercolor paper.

Aprox. 10 x 15 cm 

Printed in Barcelona 

Hand wrapped in recycled paper and eco packaging.


Pomegranates & Moonlight

Postcard Series


Once reading tarot, I drew the card of the high priestess. Seated before a yellow crescent moon she sits before the veil that separates the conscious from the unconscious, and it is patterned with open pomegranates. Do you know the story of Persephone? She was picking a narcissus flower in a field when the ground gave out and taken by the god of death, she became the queen of the Underworld. 

Pomegranates are what kept her in this dark, lunatic place. Six seeds for six months of the year. A symbol of sorts, for the winter of our minds, the necessity for times of lunacy. 

In the words of Plato, “we come to the world from the moon” and like Persephone we return to the moon, to this underworld of introspection. This is a series about the times of contemplation, the moonlight feelings, the need for regeneration.

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