Video Projects


There is something that has always fascinated me about cinema. The way it brings together sound and motion and the way it tells a story- so directly you can see it, and hear it and feel it.

These projects are small fragments of my life. They are my means of reflecting my relationship with the world. I hope that you find something in them. Maybe a fragment of the feeling I found in making them, for in the end creativity is never static. It is ever moving through us. These projects are not mine to keep, but I grew through making them and I loved the process of bringing them into the world of light and sound.

Beauty In The Sense of Being


When I talk about beauty I am speaking about Beauty in the sense of Being. The sort of beauty that you feel with your soul. Those moments you connect to your surroundings and you remember your place in this shifting reality.

This is a short film about spirituality and sustainability, hopefully from a non-definitive perspective. I do not want to blame, I do not want to focus on things I cannot change, just to be a part of the process and share the things I make.

Study of Light


I am beginning to feel spaces. To inhabit them, to understand our relationship. The way our environment soaks into us through our skin. The way our homes hold a place for our lives. This is a study of light. The way it paints a space, the way it defines our relationship to a place.



Do you hear the birds?
They came back in March when the city shut down. By April I had gotten used to them. But I would listen when I closed my eyes, in the twilights and the early mornings.
If stillness is a space, it would have this sort of light.

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