reciprocity and social media

how to grow your instagram using the laws of reciprocity


reciprocity in everyday life


what is reciprocity?

in psychology, reciprocity is the concept that what you put into a situation is a measure of what you will get out of it. it is the balance of everything in the universe, invisible and ever-present.

in social settings, this means how you treat people is who you will be treated, and since instagram is, in essence, a social setting, this is crucially important.

reciprocity and social media

what do you want to attract?


reciprocity means that like attracts like. so the first step is to think about what you want to attract. then start expressing it. create content that you are excited to share and use your captions and stories to express your point of view. figure out the message you want to send to the world and be a storyteller.

seek out content that inspires you


spend some time looking for content that you truly find inspiring. start anywhere. maybe it’s one account you really like or a promising hashtag and then start looking at the accounts who commented on a recent post and see what you discover.

everything in life takes a little treasure hunting and the more clear you are on what inspires you and the easier it will be to find like minded people.

start authentic conversations


talk to people! if you find an account that inspires you dm them and tell them why. leave comments on posts that are genuine and thought-provoking. try to get to know people a bit. you’re already opening up to people through the content you’re putting onto the platform so when people engage with your posts this is your chance to make a connection.

always focus on the positive


you’re perception shapes your reality and a positive perspective is well worth cultivating.

be content with where you’re at. instead of identifying with the part of you that feels a need to be better, create because you love sharing your creations. and when your audience responds let them know who happy you are to receive their support.

I’ve been rethinking my social media a lot lately and connecting back to my purpose for creating. It is dangerously easy to get caught up in superficiality and social media is one of the easiest ways to lose your point of reference in an artificial world. but I believe that with intention social media can be used to express meaningful ideas and share creativity.

my experience

while we’re talking about instagram let me preface by saying that as a content creator it is important to me to separate my social media from my real life. at this point my instagram is more of a personal brand and although I love using instagram to share my content I also want to create something that is engaging and relevant to my audience. there are so many creative people out there and instagram is flooded with content, all of it demanding to be seen and manipulated by an algorithm to give the audience more of what they want to see- which doesn’t always end up to be the most authentic and profound content. and this can be a disheartening reality to face. and it must be admitted that creating engaging content that has a chance of competing in such a competitive platform is not very easy. and there are times that I start to doubt that the value of my creations, and moments where I start measuring the worth of a post based on the number of likes it gets.

understanding reciprocity completely changed the way I view social media, as well as many other aspects of my life. instead of putting so much focus on superficial engagement, I started thinking a lot more about the message I wanted to express and the sort of people I wanted to attract into my life. I let go of any need for validation and began to concentrate on connection.


mindfulness in social media





connection is the flip side of creation or as Christopher McCandless put it “happiness is better shared”

this is also true to content creation. and after starting to view my social media as more of a business it seems almost silly to have forgotten that connecting with other people is the core of using instagram. so now I’m bringing my focus back to reciprocity. instead of focusing on likes and follower growth I’m concentrating on connections. on forming friendships and being inspired by the work that other people put out there.


the laws of consciousness are magic in a quiet way, and they free you from the misconceptions and blames that too often create your reality. when you act out of reciprocity you no longer need to try to control your reality, but rather focus on what you are creating and wait for the universe to send something back to you. it’s amazing how much this shift of perspective changed the way I saw my instagram. it’s not that my social media has changed very drastically, but I suddenly am aware of all my gratitude for the support and kindness I’ve received back.

please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, on the subject. I would love to hear your perspective and I hope the ideas help you create a positive perspective on your social media or any other aspect of your life.

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