How To Get A Student Visa (Europe)

How To Get A European Student Visa

A few general visa tips to get you started.

Double check things, triple check things, and always keep copies of all your documents.

Check out my quick video for a more comprehensive guide, stay on the post if you are looking for specific questions answered.



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A break down of the steps to getting your student visa: 


  • Enroll in a university
  • Began gathering documents for visa application appointment
  • Make visa application appointment (usually about three months out)
  • Organize your documents, research and time management are key!
  • Submit your documents at the embassy or consulate
  • When you receive their replay (usually a month after the submission, your visa is confirmed)
  • The final step will be the appointment you need to make when you arrive in your chosen country (this is a different process, and if you have more questions definitely leave a comment and I would be happy to write a post on the topic!)

How Long Does it take to get a Student Visa to Spain

My experience is has been applying for a Spanish student visa from the US and it took a month for me to receive the visa after applying, although I did begin the application process six months before.

Check out my video for more advice and a breakdown of the process.


Long Term Student Visa Spain

There are different types of student visas. Long term student visas are more than 180 days and often three or four years for an Undergrad. Student Schengen Visa has a helpful article that goes over the different application options in 2021.

Student Visa Spain Requirements

Spain Student Visa Proof of Funds 

The Los Angeles Spanish Consulate has an article on their visa page that goes over the minimum proof of funds. If you’re looking into a different country I imagine the minimum will be similar and all the information will be on the embassy’s webpage.

How much bank balance is required for Spain student visa?

Less than 90 days the minimum is 661.50 € and for a visa over 90 days the minimum is 537.84 € it’s a bit confusing so definitely email the Consulate directly if you have any questions.


How much does it cost in Spain for international students? 

How Much Is the Visa Fee for Spain?

$80 if I remember right, and all the current info is on their webpage!

Student Visa Spain Cost

Costs are one of the biggest limitations to studying abroad and it doesn’t have to be. I found that living costs in Barcelona are actually a lot less than the US and the same goes for my university.

Health Insurance

Like I mention in the video if you are looking for specifically Spain related student visa tips, my health insurance provider is Sanitis and I would definitely recommend them. There are lots of providers out there, and in general I’ve found the health system in Europe way better than the US, but Sanitis has been great for me. They’ve been able to correspond in English and I’ve had full coverage for every medical visit since I’ve been in Spain.


Student Visa Spain Work Permit 

You can get a work permit as a student studying in Spain, although it is not the easiest thing to do.

The trick is that you have to get hired by a company to apply for the visa and a comany doesn’t really want to go to the trouble to hire you, if you don’t already have the visa. Anyhow I looked into it and realized I would be better off to work when I’m back in the US and focus on my studies while in Spain. Leave a comment and let me know your experience!

Staying in Spain after Student Visa Expires 

After your student visa expires you can stay three months in Spain on a Schengen tourist visa, after that you have to return to your country and wait six months before your tourist visa renews.


Making International Calls

Rebtel is a great app for making international calls. I found it a lot cheaper than paying for international minutes and I was able to pay for the country specific minutes that I needed and then call them directly.



Hope you guys found the post helpful, please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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