Elements of a Balanced Life

How To Bring Balance Into Your Life


I haven’t written a post like this in a while but I went to the forest this morning and I listened to the birds. Now it’s a cozy Thursday evening y tengo ningun ganas a salir la casa, even if Thursday means that there are free muebles in the street and you know I’m all for treasure hunting for vintage shoes and soulful furniture.

Anyhow classes are picking up again and after a wave of overwhelm, tears and contemplation, I am coming back to balance.




How Do I Find Balance In Myself?

The trouble with time seems to be that there will never been enough of it. This seems to be my existencial unanswerable question, at least in those moments when I get all caught up in the day to day happenings I am scattered and the reoccurring thought is that  I will never have enough time. Stepping back I am reminding myself what I have been learning over time- that

living is not about excelling or achieving or getting anywhere in particular-

it is about balance.


How To Balance Life

Balance is about looking at the different aspects of importance in your life, and leaving space for them. Granted there are always times when you will be pushed out of balance, be it by your own misconceptions or an external situation that pushes you to your physical and emotional limits – but you do not need to resent the world for trying you. If anything the situation is stretching you out, turning you around until you get it. So rather than resisting and responding with overcompensation, your lesson is to calmly, steadily, bring yourself back to balance.


Elements of A Balanced Life

For me balance is about connection, connection with myself and with the world around me.

  • Social connection: because in the end I’m don’t think anything is more important than friends
  • Self care: doing yoga and having a workout routine is really important for me, mostly because of how it helps me unwind and let go any tension.
  • Genuine creativity: the things you make for yourself, what you do without any expectation
  • Work and external projects: the energy you put out, your applied attention


Importance of Balance In Life

For me it’s always the small things, the cozy dinners, the small acts of kindness, the way the light shines on the water. Our world is very magic only a lot of the time we aren’t looking.

I’m sharing a bit of what balance means for me but I want to note that each individual’s balance is unique. All the aspects that make up life for you might be entirely different to the things that feel right for me; and growing is just knowing yourself better. Socrates says it beautifully, and like most Stoic philosophy it is wonderfully applicable to modern life. I guess we’re still the same humans we were a few hundred years ago, and I believe introspection is essential to cultivating and appreciating your life.



How do I restore balance in my life?

Restoring balance often takes a sort of reset, and life will continue to throw you out of balance. But instead of seeing these challenges as problems you begin to see the patterns, the repetition and the signs that the universes is sending you. When you look at it this way the things you find most challenging are pointing the way back to balance.


Stay Balanced Meaning

The other day I wrote a list of the places I felt most myself- and the places that I lost myself. It wasn’t a very long list but it was true, and there is always something to be learned from truth.



Photos shot in collaboration with Grey State Apparel. Mindfully made clothes with the highest ethical standard. I’ll link our video collaboration if you want to check it out.


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    • Angela van Rensburg
      Posted at 20:39h, 01 November Reply

      Beautiful girl within and outwardly. Thank you for your blog and thoughtful insights.
      love and blessings to you, Granny

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