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How I Made My Art Journal

Creating An Art Journal

My art journal is something I’ve wanted to share on here for a while. I’ve painted since I was a little kid and I started keeping art journals when I was seventeen. Since then it’s been a place for all my ideas to live. A space for them to exist in and a way for me to reflect on external experiences.


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Art Journal Techniques

Like all art there are no rules to art journaling. It’s a space of self expression and creativity. As far as techniques go I will say that art journals teach you a lot about aesthetics. How to create a balanced page, what colors feel right together, what to add, and what to leave out. Finding your own mix of medias is a good way to develop your personal technique. I like using ink pens as they work well for writing and sketching, and then I supplement these with watercolors and whatever else feels right to add in.



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Art Journal Supplies

Picking a significant book is an important place to start. The journal I’m sharing in the flip through video was made with an old record that I found in San Fransisco. Basically took it home, bought a blank book from Micheal’s and used a saw to cut the record to the right size. Not the neatest job (an electric saw would probably serve better) but it did the job, and I think that the record made for a fantastic cover.

Other than that here’s a list of a few essential supplies that I use for my journals:

-ballpoint ink pens

– travel size water color set (Winsor and Newton is my favorite)

-scissors (also useful to keep a travel sized pair as you can keep them on hand with all your pens)

-pencils and eraser (I don’t always sketch first but it’s helpful when planning layouts

-a few forms of tape (glue sticks are great for adding in paper elements, and tape is useful for thicker papers or objects. I’ve ended up adding rocks, shells and broken camera lenses to pages so tape can handle a whole range. Masking tape is also one of my favorites, as it adds a nice effect of it’s own, especially when paired with Polaroids or printed photos.

How To Make An Art Journal From Scratch

The blank page is always an intimidating place to start but like anything you gain momentum as you go along. The most important part is to give yourself space and time to develop creatively. Use each page as an opportunity to try something new and you will find more and more of a style that feels right for you. I’ll add some more ideas below, and be sure to check out my video for a flipthrough of one of my art journals.




Art Journal Ideas

Check out my Instagram for more ideas, I share my watercolors and journal on my story highlights and will post my page layouts on my feed as well.


Creating An Art Journal



I hope you guys enjoyed the post, you can always save it to Pinterest for future reference, and please leave a comment if you have any thoughts, it’s nice to know there are real people out there reading this.


x Savannah

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