hara the label

Hara the Label

Hara the Label


I’ve loved Hara since I first discovered their label.

Their honesty, their transparency, and their acceptance of beauty in all its varied forms.


Hara the Label Review


When we talked about a collaboration I wanted to create something that felt authentic, both to myself as a creative and to Hara, whom I have always admired for their vulnerable varied expressions of human beauty.

This shoot is about my love of the creative process, my fascination with my own reflection and the incredible opportunity to make things. To be entirely yourself and embody everything you love.




The empty-handed painter from your streets
Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
This sky, too, is folding under you
And it’s all over now, Baby Blue














there is a spontaneous creativity that comes out of premeditated action




















if you do something in the spirit of non-achievement there’s a good quality in it

 D. T Suzuki 


What I love most about photos is they give you an excuse to make a moment that my never have happened. sure pushing everything I own into the hallway and talking about philosophy while a makeup artist paints koi fish on my face may feel more than mildly eccentric but at the same time why the hell not?

Hara is a label that for me had always represented freedom of expression. Freedom of being whoever you are, and a community of colorfully creative people who share this vision.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of their story.


Photo series shot by @eros_python  a textile designer and sustainable fashion photographer based in Barcelona.

makeup by @clocasanovas



Where Is Hara the Label based?

Melbourne Australia, where all their products are produced and packaged.


Hara is dedicated to sustainability and ethical production. They work with the Environmental Justice Foundation to support eco conscious projects around the world. Buying their clothing not only gives you quality naturally dyed underwear, but the opportunity to support a label with a vision for the future. Where we spend out money is our vote, and we vote every day.

We cannot chance everything but every opportunity we take to support a label that is better is an opportunity to sway the future of our planet.

I’ll keep the words short, I hope you enjoyed the photos, and learned a little bit about why I love Hara.


How to Wash Hara the Label

I will note their pieces are naturally dyed, and like they explain on their website, it is best to hand wash under cold water to protect the color.


Hara the Label Instagram

If you haven’t checked out Hara’s Instagram, it’s a wonderful moodboard and more than anything any inspiring community of women from around the world.


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