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Handmade Bags Barcelona

Handmade Bags Barcelona

A small photo journal to thank the makers of the world.









This Consuela, she is firstly an artist and secondly a friend. She is an artisan designer making items that are more in line with nature. You can buy her bags or other items through her label @hawkadiseno just dm her if you’re interested.


Sustainable Bags From Barcelona

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If you’re in Barcelona I hope you get the chance to check out what she’s making. It’s a wonderfully creative project and buying locally is always better for the environment.

Tie Dye Tote Bags Barcelona

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I would love to write a post just about the natural dyes that Consu uses. She’s been experimenting with plant dyes which can be such a creative way to make the production more nature and use up food waste in the process.


Affordable Sustainable Tote Bags

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Last but not least the items are completely affordable! I think so often we immediately think that handmade is less affordable, or sustainable is unattainable but this is a limiting belief that we don’t need to buy into. There are plenty of creators out there making what they make because they love to create and supporting them is to put your faith in a social eco system that supports not only the makers, but a more sustainable way of life.



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Affordable Sustainable Tote Bags

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