Ethical Underwear Brands

Ethical Underwear Brands

Sustainable Underwear and Lingerie


Le Petit Trou

Specializing in lingerie they offer nightwear, swimwear and underwear designed with the utmost attention to detail and a decidedly European aesthetic. Definitely more on the designer end of the spectrum they craft beautiful pieces sourcing materials from France and Italy and manufacturing the garments in Poland.



Organic Basics Underwear


Organic Basics

A leader in the industry of sustainable fashion, Organic Basics are offering an alternative in the world of fast fashion and a future that is more ethical and sustainable. And although it’s not the cheapest thing on the market they are a reasonably priced ethical brand offering quality pieces and a more ethical industry standard.



Sustainable Underwear Australia



Light, fresh and feminine, Hara is a lingerie label using fashion to communicate a vision for the future that is in tune with the earth.  Transparent supply chains, ethical practices and supporting local economies are central to their garment production and all products are dyed, cut, sewn and packaged in Melbourne, Australia.




Sustainable Underwear Los Angeles



An inclusive lingerie line made in Los Angeles, California. Earth conscious fabrics, nude tones and all around comfortable underwear. Producing everything within the Los Angeles county limits is not an easy task but it is a statement about the fashion industry and Proclaim completely connected to the entire production process. Workers are fairly paid, packaging in minimal and their marketing is as intentional as their garments.


Sustainably Made Underwear


The Nude Label

Made in a family run factory in Valencia, Spain. Natural designs in high quality organic cotton. They even are working towards reforestation of the Amazon rainforest through a collaboration with Oxizonia  doing one of the most important things we can do: planting trees.




Sustainable Lingerie Brands


Ophelia Lingerie

Handmade in a Belgian atelier, fabrics are sourced in Europe and every piece is designed to last. Ophelia is a quintessential lingerie brand, lacy and pastel without being overdone. Handmade in Antwep they represent a new future for lingerie, one were items are designed and produced slowly, intentionally and with an awareness of our environment. 



Eco Intimates & Eco Underwear


Hope you guys enjoyed the post. I really enjoyed looking for the labels and putting it together. There are so many inspiring brands out there and my feeling is that they are the dawn of a new future for business, one that is more intentional, artisan and ethical.


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Eco Intimates


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