Ethical Clothing Brands

Ethical Accessories for Social Change

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Ethical Clothing Brands


Hiptipico is a brand that has inspired me for a long time now. They bridge a connection between traditional artisans and the Western world. Empowering women and preserving the cultural traditions of Guatemala. Transparency and fair wages are cornerstones of their production process and their focus on social media allows them to communicate their vision and share their project with an ever growing international audience.

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Ethically Made Accessories

For our collaboration they sent me a model of their embroidered adventure backpack

and one of their stunning embroidered straps. Both pieces are wonderfully versatile; the straps clip on and off the bag allowing it to be a shoulder bag or a backpack and the strap serves a number of functions, my favorite being for my anolog camera.

Top Sustainable Brands

I hope you guys get a change to check them out. Buying from Hiptipico is a change to support an incredible social structure, and you get a beautiful handmade product in exchange. They are one of my favorite sustainable brands that I’ve discovered, not just for outer appearances but for the model they set for a more ethical future.

Socially Responsible Companies 2020

Social responsibility is becoming more and more of a social norm and brands like Hiptipico and leading the way into the future. One of the best things about writing about sustainability has been all the positive changes it has brought into my life. I started the community page @select.sustainably to bring together a community of conscious creatives and am constantly promoting new eco aware companies and clothing brands, send me a message if you get a change to check it out, I’d love to have you be a part of the community and I hope you find these labels as inspiring as I have.


Unethical Clothing Brands

It’s not always easy to avoid unethical clothing and sometimes we just don’t have the resources to buy everything brand new from a truly ethical brand. I want to offer @carmitive’s creative graphic as a starting point. It’s important to remember that there are lots of ways around unethical clothing brands and the trick is incorporating these alternatives into your everyday lifestyle.


how to choose sustainable fashion


Companies With Social Impact

We all want to make a positive social impact and with all the craziness in the world right now I’ve been thinking more and more about the positive impact that individuals can make. Not every person has the time or potential to start a non-profit but we are consuming products every single day and I think that too often we undermine the impact of the companies that we choose to support.

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