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living with the phases of the moon

our lives are a constant give and take and when we line up our actions with the phases of the moon we make better use of our natural energy.


ever wondered why sometimes you feel inspired and other times everything feels stuck? sometimes it feels natural to make lots of plans and other times are best spent tying up loose ends.

everything in nature is affected by the moon and our bodies are made mostly of water so it seems only natural that like the ocean tides we are subtly impacted by the push and pull of the moon.
the lunar phases also affect our creativity and when you start to follow the stages of the moon and you will find a natural rhythm to actions, introspection and creativity.

the new moon

a time of new beginnings and often a surfacing of emotions. this can sometimes be painful but it is also an opportunity to understand your feelings on a deeper level. the small things in your life will be magnified, and although these emotions are not always easy to experience it is also an opportunity to see the details with clarity and look at ways to balance out. The new moon is a good time to set intentions, and think about the things you want to create. often we feel that things in our lives come about based on how badly we want them, and we start to want something more and more which almost pushes it away. the truth is that things come about through actions, which are based on our intentions so when you set clear intentions you set the course of your life. 


self reflection blog


living with the moon phases


the crescent moon

you have the seeds of your new ideas and as the moon turns into a visible crescent the ideas fist start to become visible. start taking your first steps but also take time to nurture the ideas and know that they don’t have to be fully formed plans quite yet. 

the first quarter 

now almost a quarter of the moon is visible in the sky. you’ve taken time to get clear on your intentions and inventory your plans, now this is a good time to turn your plans into actions. you have some of the most energy that you will have throughout the month around this time and you can channel this energy is working towards your goals. at the same time be careful not to overanalyze. refining your ideas comes later, for now, focus on creation. 

the waxing gibbous 

the waxing gibbous refers to the time when the moon grows from crescent to full. 

you’ve begun taking steps and now it is important to continue them. don’t get distracted by conflicting ideas and don’t rush to the finish. focus on what you started and watch everything take shape. 

the gibbous moon

the gibbous moon occurs near the end of the waxing phase, three days before the full moon. it’s linked to the sign virgo and is a well as embodying virgo’s sense of empathy it is also a good time for critical analysis. step back from your projects and look at them as a whole. this will help you evaluate your progress and clearly see which areas most need your attention. 

the full moon 

plans are coming together and you have the energy to tie up loose ends and see things through. as simple as it sounds the full moon should be a time of fulfillment. reflect on your accomplishments with gratitude, look back at your intentions from the previous new moon and appreciate the ways you have manifested your goals. 

the disseminating moon 

now the moon begins waning back to a crescent. 

this time is an opportunity to let go old habits. seasonally it relates to autumn and is a time of nostalgia and change. it is a chance to tie up loose ends, share what you have learned and appreciate the results of your projects. 

the last quarter

like the first quarter, the moon is again half-visible in the sky. similar to the disseminating moon this is a time to let go habits and patterns that didn’t help you in the last cycle and clear space for whatever will come next.

the waning crescent

this is a time of peacefulness and surrender. it is an opportunity to let go attachments to all the goals and projects you’ve been working on. to take time to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the next cycle. 

understanding moon phases

finding magic in everyday life


portrait series in collaboration with Andy Cannon.

living lunarly is important to me for lots of reasons. firstly, because I love the moon and also because I believe in it’s effect on our bodies and our lives. 

there seems to be a subtle magic in everything around us and for me following the moon is one of them.

I hope the post helps you understand lunar living a little better and more through the month with ease.

click here for a calendar to easily track the moon phases and leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts on lunar living. 


self reflection blog


  • Nadia Watts
    Posted at 08:34h, 02 December Reply

    Thank you for sharing this information. It’s informative and interesting. I love the moon myself and this article answered some of my questions I’ve had .

    • Savannah
      Posted at 10:21h, 08 December Reply

      Hi Nadia,
      So happy you liked the post. I find it fascinating as well, especially when I start to watch how my energy levels are effected throughout the month. Just reach out if you have anymore questions and if you want to see a few more photos from the lunar inspired photoshoot they’re on my instagram @savannah.angela

  • Angela van Rensburg
    Posted at 21:17h, 15 January Reply

    Angela van Rensburg

    Thank you for your thought-provoking writings. I have always been aware of the moon without knowing the effects on everyday life.
    On the subject of gardening I did once hear that it was better to plant on a rising moon which ties in with you have written.

    • Savannah Van Block
      Posted at 13:23h, 30 January Reply

      aw I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.
      on the subject of gardening, my mint plant is wilting rapidly, but if I plant something new on a rising moon I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Sitara
    Posted at 03:47h, 26 February Reply

    Thanks for sharing this, All the subtleties of the many phases.
    I’m part of a group that does a new moon conference call to manifest awesome things together. They also look at the astrology aspect of each new moon.
    We are mostly water so the moon moves us like it moves the ocean.

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