I believe in living creatively.

The magic of the real.

I believe in listening to music

with your eyes closed

and going to the ocean.

Doing whatever makes you feel most alive

and the power of motion.

Content Creator, Designer, Artist, Creative


I’m Savannah. I’m an artist and content creator studying interior design in Barcelona, Spain. I have always loved stories, and content creation has been a way for me to combine my passions and create stories about the world that I believe in. I work with ethical brands and sustainable businesses that share my values and vision for the future. These collaborations are a way for me to support initiatives I find inspiring and share them with my digital community.
If you would be interested in talking about a collaboration you can fill out the contact form or send me an email savannah@theaestheticsofflowers.com and I would be happy to send over my media kit.











I think of myself as an explorer who has spent his life on a long voyage of discovery 
-paul strand 




For me being a content creator is a journey of exploration, searching for the beauty in the things we take to be most ordinary; the clothes we wear, the interiors we inhabit, and the natural landscapes of our quickly changing world.

I write about creativity and as a form of self-awareness because it is in this reflection that I know myself, and it is through the process of making things that I grow to understand the world.
I write about sustainability because of a simple truth- we suffer to the degree that we can’t come to terms with reality. Our modern global lifestyle is not sustainable and the consequences will continue to show up like symptoms until we find a better way. So this is what I am focusing on, the small ways that we as individuals can be a part of this change.